About Us

BizzCloud’s Philosophy

Enterprise resource planning solutions can often be extremely complex and too expensive for small businesses. Most of the enterprise management software on the market today comes with a host of useful features that can help boost the productivity of any small business, but often includes functionality that the average small and medium-size enterprises will never use. In addition, many of the well-known solutions were not built natively on the cloud, and lack the agility and ease-of-use inherent in cloud-based solutions.

This was exactly what Ewout ten Broek, BizzCloud’s managing director and co-founder, discovered when he was searching for ERP functionality at an affordable price for a small business client. When Ten Broek met Alexander van Uden, BizzCloud co-founder and IT director, the two men found that they had encountered the same problems regarding legacy business management solutions. It was then the idea of BizzCloud was born.

BizzCloud provides vertical solutions for industries that include:

What We Do

BizzCloud provides business productivity software that has many of the same features of an ERP system, but at a more affordable price point that is fair and transparent. This software integrates with a wide range of business systems commonly used in small companies, such as accounting, point-of-sale, inventory management, and eCommerce.

In addition, BizzCloud can scale with your business as it grows, and is suitable for not just small businesses, but also SMEs and larger enterprises. Unlike many legacy ERP systems, it is intuitive and easy to use, with minimal training needed.