Fabio, 44

Managing payments, communications, and subscriptions at the same time: that calls for an innovative solution.

Meet Fabio.

Fabio is 44 and lives in Bologna, Italy. He runs a food buying co-op in his spare time, where he sources directly from organic and artisan producers. Fabio runs this business from his PC in his home office. His goal is to be a sustainable serial entrepreneur.

Sustainability and the slow food movement are very popular initiatives for corporate companies to sponsor or be involved in. Fabio is struggling to tap into this goodwill due to his lack of marketing experience.


Fabio likes to be in regular communication with his members. Unfortunately managing membership communication and all the subscriptions manually is very time consuming.

Fabio currently manages his business with spreadsheets and a custom-built bulk payment feed where he accepts manual payments. This is time consuming, inefficient and prone to errors, which is a problem as Fabio wants efficiency and to be able to customize the solution himself. He also has to manage a large number of recurring payments of small values.


BizzCloud would allow Fabio to accept multiple recurring payments, and bring together all his client information in a central member database. The solution provides CRM functionality that would help Fabio better interact with clients and marketing tools to attract attention to his cause.

How BizzCloud can help Fabio

  • Recurring Payments

    Recurring payments are common in the clubs and societies industry. BizzCloud could help Fabio manage his large number of incoming small payments.

  • Attract attention

    BizzCloud marketing tools could help Fabio attract attention to his business and then tap into the opportunity of having corporate sponsorship for his initiative.

BizzCloud Solution for Member-based Clubs
  • Member management

    Fabio could eliminate all the time he spends on manually crafting communications to members and managing their subscriptions.

Here’s what you get with the
BizzCloud Clubs Solution

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