Jamilla, 35

The fast food industry is competitive. Jamilia must ensure that she provides excellent service while keeping costs down and continuing to attract new customers.

Meet Jamilla.

Jamilia is 35 and lives in Casablanca. She is the owner of a franchise fast food chain in the city. Her day is extremely busy, from checking messages from staff upon waking to calling suppliers and checking stock in the morning to collecting takings at the end of the day. She runs most of her business from her smartphone.

Running a fast food franchise is a competitive business. Jamilia needs to ensure that she can boost her marketing efforts so she can continue to attract new customers.


Jamilia became unhappy with her POS. The software vendor promised more features, but the cost of customizing it would have been significant. What Jamilia wants is a real-time overview of her business on her mobile.

Her POS also currently serves up paper tickets, which can get lost on the way to the kitchen. Jamilia would like to eliminate paper tickets to ensure customer orders are always fulfilled.

Jamilia also needs better stock control as the store room in her outlet is small.


She would like to improve this so she can save trips to the wholesalers.

BizzCloud’s Hospitality solution could help Jamilia with its customized solution created specifically for the hospitality industry that provides business data in real-time. The BizzCloud POS also integrates with payment gateways, is modular, and offers fair and transparent pricing.

How BizzCloud can help Jamilla

  • Inventory Management

    Jamilia only has a small store room at her franchise locations, BizzCloud helps her keep on top of her stock so that she always has what she needs when she needs it.

  • Automated Worflow

    With BizzCloud’s automated workflow between the POS and kitchen she can eliminate errors in the ordering and keep customers happy.

BizzCloud Solution for Hospitality and Restaurants
  • Theft Control

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  • Get new customers

    Competition in the fast food industry is tough. Jamilia can use BizzCloud’s CRM and Marketing tools to constantly attract new customers.

Here’s what you get with the
BizzCloud Hospitality Solution

Starting from a low cost of € 27.50 monthly




Multi-currency Support

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Why BizzCloud?

Flexible & scalable

BizzCloud is a modular solution that can be customized to suit your industry and business needs. As your company grows, you can easily add more functionality and additional features.

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Your business can’t afford to lag behind when it comes to your technology. BizzCloud leverages the latest and most innovative solutions to build its product to be the best.

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Whether your business is in the retail, hospitality, clubs & society or services branch, BizzCloud has a tailored solution for you.

WebShop Connectors

Ecommerce is key to the success of any business. BizzCloud offers connectors for all major webshops, including WooCommerce, Magento, and Prestashop.


Finding a business productivity solution that doesn’t break the bank is a challenge. BizzCloud provides fair and transparent pricing packages that are suitable for any size of company and can help you better run your operations.


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