Femi, 23

Running international projects in a digital-first world brings its own challenges.

Meet Femi.

Femi is a tech entrepreneur with big aspirations. He splits his time between Manchester and Ibadan, and works as a software project manager, but also as a developer. In a typical day, he might develop some code for a customer in Germany, before heading the next day to a co-working space in London to meet the co-founders of a fintech project who want to collect transaction data to sell to advertisers.

This lifestyle and way of working means that Femi needs a solution that works seamlessly across different countries and is accessible from any device, anywhere in the world.


The global nature of Femi’s business also means that he needs accounting software that can be used in different countries and that takes into account local regulations and practices.

Because Femi does business with a range of different clients across the globe, he also works on a number of projects at the same time. Femi needs software with project management features that allow him to track and monitor the status of these projects.

It’s very difficult to find business productivity software that is worth the price charged for it.


That’s why Femi currently uses free popular software for invoicing and accounting software. The challenge is that these products have limited use and features. However, there is no alternative software available in his price range.

BizzCloud provides an inexpensive solution with a low-cost entry point that would help keep Femi’s business running efficiently. It’s also modular, and offers features including project management, eCommerce, and easy integration with other SaaS apps and platforms.

How BizzCloud can help Femi

  • Work From the Cloud

    Femi is one of a new breed of digital nomad who doesn’t work from one, single location. Instead he travels and moves his base from country to country. He needs a system like what BizzCloud offers that is accessible from the cloud and that has associated apps for mobiles and tablets.

  • Managing Multiple Projects

    Due to the nature of his business, Femi will work on several projects and initiatives at the same time. The BizzCloud solution will help him keep status and stay on top of where all these projects are at any given time.

BizzCloud Solution for Digital First Businesses
  • Cross-border Accounting

    As Femi runs a global business, he needs a solution that can work across different countries. This extends to his accounting practices, and that is how BizzCloud could help him with their cross border accounting solution.

  • Software Costs

    Most business productivity software – even cloud solutions for small businesses – come with a hefty price tag. With BizzCloud’s affordable costs Femi no longer has to run pirated versions of software that only half-meet his needs.

Here’s what you get with the
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Starting from a low cost of € 17.50 monthly

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Why BizzCloud?

Flexible & scalable

BizzCloud is a modular solution that can be customized to suit your industry and business needs. As your company grows, you can easily add more functionality and additional features.

Built on the latest technology

Your business can’t afford to lag behind when it comes to your technology. BizzCloud leverages the latest and most innovative solutions to build its product to be the best.

Industry specific solutions

Whether your business is in the retail, hospitality, clubs & society or services branch, BizzCloud has a tailored solution for you.

WebShop Connectors

Ecommerce is key to the success of any business. BizzCloud offers connectors for all major webshops, including WooCommerce, Magento, and Prestashop.


Finding a business productivity solution that doesn’t break the bank is a challenge. BizzCloud provides fair and transparent pricing packages that are suitable for any size of company and can help you better run your operations.


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